School Events
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•  Fourth Grade Field Trip
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•  Fifth Grade Field Trip

Library Events
5/25/2015 to 5/29/2015
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STEM visits UTSA
Schulze S.T.E.M. students get up close and friendlywith science at UTSA Science department. They wereable to touch animal...

Students use their cake decorating skills.   

Kids get hands on Science with the help of Schulze paraprofessionals.

"The Genie is the perfect solution to help kids excel in Math."

The Annual N.E.X.U.S festivalis a big hit!

Students celebrate the 100th day and add one more!  

Schulze staff helps out in thedistrict's Parents as Partners Family Night at Terrells Wells. ...

Graduating Conflict Managersare ready to help their peersthrough mediation. Studentscan look for them during lunchduty wearing...