Library Events
•  Good Friday Holiday
4/6/2015 to 4/8/2015
•  Spring Book Giveaway (3-5)
4th Grade Robotics Team Continues!
The 4th Grade Robotics teamcontinues to compete for the First Lego League Championship.Students will take part at thiscompetition...

Engineers in Training   
The Annual N.E.X.U.S festivalis a big hit!

100 plus 1   
Students celebrate the 100th day and add one more!  

Look for Yellow!   
Graduating Conflict Managersare ready to help their peersthrough mediation. Studentscan look for them during lunchduty wearing...

Schulze Staff Participates in District Event   
Schulze staff helps out in thedistrict's Parents as Partners Family Night at Terrells Wells. ...